Aloha! My name is Rainbow and I am a colourful soul currently residing in Southern Germany. Over the last almost two decades I have accumulated several skills which I'd like to share with you. Among other things I am a circus trainer, musician, songwriter, coach, presenter, hugging teacher, snowboard and archery instructor.

I love to teach and help others learn and improve their skills. As George Eliot once wrote:

‘It’s never to late to be who you might have been!’ - With that in mind I try to constantly improve myself and help others do the same.


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Teaching is my passion. I am always willing to share my skills with others and so I have been instructing for more than 15 years. One major area is circus skills including juggling with a variety of toys from beginner to intermediate levels. I also run slackline and fire arts workshops.


As a coach for personal development I have been teaching hugging workshops since 2012. Those workshops aim to reintroduce the proper art of hugging, the human connection and the healing that comes from a peaceful and loving physical encounter.


I also run theory workshops for people who aim to become teachers themselves based on my teaching experience, such as ‘The Art of Teaching’.


Rainbow Alex club balance


Rainbow Alex singing at Tattoo Convention Bodensee


Solo Music

Music is and has always been a big part of my life. While I enjoy various instruments, singing along with an acoustic guitar is my passion. I have been a solo and street performer for half my life. I create cover versions of popular songs in my very own style, I share unknown songs written by talented people and write my own music.


Flirting with Disaster

In May 2017 I started ‘Flirting with Disaster’. We are a four piece band based in Southern Germany utilizing two acoustic guitars, a tuba and over a dozen harmonicas. We play our very own style of music which floats somewhere between reggae, ska, and folk rock. With this we create covers of songs you may know but have never heard in this arrangement.






Master of Ceremonies

If you are looking for the most colorful host/presenter for your show or event you have found him! I have a passion for speaking in front of people and have hosted several shows and events in the past. I pair up my very colorful and fancy outfits with a ‘back to the basics’ kind of presenting style so the focus will be on you, your event and/or the artist on stage.

Rainbow hosting the Opening Show at Phoenix Fire Convetion



Designing, building and painting all kinds of props is one of my big passions. I love the creative process, the dream to tangible reality. At the moment I use most of time at the work bench for NERF modding. Integrating, tuning and painting NERF blasters became a passion and I have build 40+ modifications including commissions.


I also work with EVA foam, Sintra and other Cosplay materials to create armors and weapons.

 Let your imagination run wild, I'm here to create your vision!

mods & Props

Rainbow Mods & Props


Rainbows Hugging Workshop

As you can tell by my other workshops, "humanness" is very important to me. With this at heart, over 10 years of international work experience, a degree in tourism management and special qualifications as an instructor (Ordinance on Aptitude of Instructors by the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK)) as well as quality coach (by the initiative for service quality Germany) I offer a very alternative and subtle coaching for you, your business and your staff in order to improve service quality, customer satisfaction, customer contact, staff management and staff satisfaction.


I use these and other skills for both individual coaching as well as group sessions. Together we will set goals and create a cohesive, attainable plan of action. I can also offer a different perspective on what ever is troubling you.





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