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Prop making is probably my favourite thing to do at the moment. I got into modding Nerf blasters a few years ago and it has been a blast ever since. Simultaneously I got in contact with many cosplayers over the last years because I was exhibiting my work at comic conventions and similar events. These newly gained connections rekindled an interest in prop designing and prop making which I had for over a decade. So after getting more and more commission requests last year I started Rainbows Mod & Props as part of my self employment. So if you need me to build you anything do not hesitate to contact me. However big or small the requested commission is, I am sure I can make it happen.


Nerf Modding

Modifying Nerf blasters is what started my journey as a prop maker and I love doing it. I worked my way up from simple mods and paint jobs to complicated builds and integrations. One of my biggest mods so far, the NUOTHE’AN LS-21 build, won the reddit-based, international modding contest ‘Mergemasters 3’ in 2019.


Like many other modders I also play Nerf and use all my creations at specially designed events. This is why I do all kinds of different mods, depending on the customers request. I create performance blasters, Cosplay props, LARP blasters or special collectibles. My work work reaches from pure aesthetic, hand-painted re-designs to unique and special creations.

I my opinion blasters are toys and should always be seen as such, which is why I prefer bright colours and combinations. If your costume or character needs something darker and more realistic, I can do that as well.

Just message me and we get started on designing your dream blaster.

Here is just a few examples of the different styles I do:

If you want to learn more about this custom integration of five different Nerf blasters you can find a full video on my Youtube channel.

Vallerie LS-23
Tobitrus LS-10
Flower Power Pumpgun LS-18
El Rayo LS-19
Kylar LS-38
Magna LS-20
Tisha LS-30
Snakebite LS-28
Ice LS-36 & Fire LS-40
Thane LS-26
Shorty LS-41 & Big Daddy LS-42

Click here for a full archive of all my Nerf mods.



Prop making for Cosplay costumes has always fascinated me. The idea of bringing your dream character to live is awesome. I mainly build weapons and shields at the moment, but I am open for any kind of commission request.

Being a Nerf modder I obviously build lots of blasters for other Cosplayers, like this Fallout inspired rifle:

But I also build other weapons and gear for example this baton for this One Piece Cosplay:

Fall out cosplay Thane.jpg
Nami Cosplay lady ink.jpg

Working with cosplay materials like EVA foam is a lot of fun. The difference in material compared to rigid plastics from the dart blasters bring challenges and new opportunities. As my first ever full foam prop I build this Unicorn shield, which was so much fun to do.


I am always looking for new project to tackle so if you need something build, or need held with your project, make sure to send me a message.

And if you want more details about my work in progress you can follow RainbowModsandProps on Instagram and facebook. And even you want exclusive content, there is lots of stuff on my Patreon as well.