Life without music is no life at all! – Friedrich Nietzsche



Music has always been a big part of my life and I can’t imagine life without it. When I was a kid, I learned to play the piano, when I was a teenager I started playing the drums and then switched to the acoustic guitar. The guitar has been my instrument of choice since I was 15 years old and although I learned to play a few others along my way (e.g. Djembe, Taiko, Ukulele) playing my guitar and singing to it is my passion. I love singing in public as my voice, the tune I choose and my body language can express my message and my feelings and simultaneously I can pick up the atmosphere in the audience to develop good vibes and lots of fun. Therefore I have been a solo and street performer for almost 20 years now.

As a solo musician I play a variety of songs. I write and play my own songs, but creating my own cover versions of well-known songs has become very inspiring for me, too. My style could be best described as a mix of ska, reggae, Folk rock and singer/songwriter style.

You can book me for any event where you would like to have some fun and easy-going musical entertainment. I have played at all sorts of events from birthday parties to company anniversaries, from charity events to city music festivals.

Here are a few songs to give you an idea of my style:


FLirting With Disaster

Flirting With Disaster is a band project I started back in May 2017. We are four musicians that couldn’t be more different in their roots, which is why our sound is so funky: one classic brass student who eventually turned to brass-rock, one acoustic guitar street musician, one punk rock lead singer and a psytrance music artist.


Together we develop our very own version of cover songs and create funky up beat music that just invites and really motivates people to dance and have a good time.


Over the last two years we have played at several street music festivals, city fairs, conventions, private parties and even a christening. Our music has no peer group, it’s fun for everyone! If you book us for your party or any special event, you will have a good time for sure!

Here are some songs to listen in:

We do have a German website and an Instagram channel, check those out if you like!

And if you want us to play at your next event, make sure to send me an email.

Meet The Gang

Ortwin Meltzer

The funky bass man playing the tuba.

Marcell Haller

Punk rock acoustic guitar and power vocals.

Alex 'Rainbow' Ross

Lead guitar, main vocals and the longest beard.

Daniel Ettner

The blues-harp god and percussion virtuoso.