'It's never to late, to be who you might have been!' - George Eliot

I loved teaching and sharing my skills since I was 16 years old. By now I teach more than 50 different workshops in several different fields. I continually strive towards improving my teaching skills as well as my area of expertise. So my repertoire will most likely change and improve as time goes by.

At the moment, my two biggest areas of teaching are definitely circus skills of all sorts and personal development. But there is a lot more than that e.g. archery, music, cube solving, prop making, spray painting, etc. So if you don’t find what you are looking for mentioned below feel free to send me an email.



I have been teaching circus since 2009 and I still love it as I did on the very first day. I teach juggling of all sorts (balls, clubs, rings, knives, cigar boxes, devilstick, flowerstick) and spinning of many kinds (staff, double staff, poi, levistick). I also teach slackline and acrobatics as well as fire arts workshops. The focus of my circus workshop ranges from complete beginners all the way to advanced jugglers and performers.

Whether you are hosting a festival, looking for something special for your business event or just want to expand your skill set, circus is a great way to add value and excitement at the same time and I am the one to deliver it to your audience.


- Juggling workshops for beginners and advanced jugglers.

- Balls, Clubs, Devilstick, Flowerstick, Cigar boxes, Rings, Knives and many more



- Slackline workshops for beginners and advanced balance artist

- Rigging, material and safety classes.

Fire Arts

- Fire spinning workshops for beginners and advanced spinners.

- fire safety and material classes

- Staff, Double Staff, Poi, Levistick, Fire Juggling, Fire Eating and more

Once I finally open my circus school, Rainbow will be the first I’m going to call. He is a fantastic teacher and it does not matter which tool he always finds yet another way to explain the same trick so that everyone will understand it.


David H. alias Goli@TheKleine, Circus artist, CH



Personal Development

Helping others to overcome their inner demons and achieve their goals has been a driving force for my teaching for a long time. In that spirit I developed different workshops to help others improve. Presentation and conversation skills cover just one of many topics aiming towards that.

For those who want to become teachers themselves or want to brush up their teaching skills I run a theory workshop called ‘The Art of Teaching’. This workshop is a result of all my experiences, good or bad, and all the lessons I learned being a teacher and instructor in many different fields for almost two decades now. It covers all the necessary steps starting with essential preparation, reworking information into teachable modules and working on your personal delivery of the information. The second part focuses on the execution of teaching, group dynamics and how to work with them as well as the constant improvement of your teaching skill.

Rainbows 'The Art of Teaching' class was instrumental in helping me get decades of experience condensed into a tight, meaningful, digestible and effective presentation.

Getting across highly technical material from my experiences with many companies including Cirque du Soleil was crystallised by Rainbows clear methods and insightful observations.

I gained the confidence to stand up and deliver the material I knew by tapping his years of practical wisdom with this unique education format.

If you are a festival organiser or participant, I wouldn't hesitate to most highly recommend you take the time to check out the gift that this workshop can provide.


Dan Miethke,

Spark Fire Dance, UK/DEU/AUS



Rainbows Hugging Workshops


Since 2012 I have also been teaching hugging workshops. What started with a little gesture at Burning Man Festival (Nevada) in 2011 turned into several different workshops depicting the loving physical encounter a hug should be.


In our fast moving society we lose touch, quite literally, of each other day by day. As a result, the human connection is weak. Therefore depression, stress, burnouts and anxieties are on the rise as fast as never before. If we only reconnected with ourselves and the people around us, we could change this development for the better.

My hugging workshops aim to do exactly that. They are reintroducing the hug as a powerful loving and healing encounter, a non sexual connection we humans need and are craving for. In a peaceful and relaxed environment I teach how we can get back to being able to let go within a hug, healing ourselves and others. The more advanced workshop includes some meditative elements to make that connection and healing even stronger.


My hugging workshops are an essential tool for human connection and I have taught them with great success at festivals, conventions, businesses, yoga centres, youth centres and even private parties and weddings. They are perfect for increasing a positive group dynamic, forming bonds between friends, co-workers, family members or even complete strangers.

When Rainbow asked me if he could run his hugging workshop at the New Zealand Juggling and Circus festival I thought it was a joke. However, I said yes, and I'm so glad I did. I received so much positive feedback from it, and requests for it to come back the following year. He brightened so many peoples` day and shared a skill more people need and want to learn more about.

Sam Kronfeld
NZ Juggling Association

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'Rainbows Hugging Workshop is one of the most popular workshops at our event and all the participants talk repeatedly about the wonderful moments they experienced and proudly show off the ‘Advanced Hugger’ button Rainbow gave them at the end of the workshop.'

Christian Unger, Phoenix Fire Convention Chief Organiser

If you are interested in any workshops I teach, if you want to learn more about a certain topic and/or have a booking request, send me an email today.

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